Last updated: 29 Oct 2014
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Backupdoit is a simple utility to back up your actions from

Update: Binary release of v1.0 for Windows now available! See below. is a web service which provides a system for implementing the GTD method of time-management.

GTD requires that all your actions/to-dos be recorded in a trusted system. In order to trust (Or any other web based software for that matter) there must be a way to backup the data recorded in it to somewhere else. A backup feature is not provided by doit as is, so this is my attempt at just such a tool.

Screenshot of backupdoit

The data from your account is retrieved and can be backed up to either a list in a text file or raw JSON format.

Backupdoit is written in QtQuick and Qt using C++. It was a convenient excuse for me to learn all about QML.


Get the source code on github here.

Get the version 1.0 binary release for Windows here. Just extract all files from the zip to somewhere, then run the EXE.

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